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Asian women are well-known for being devoted, respected, and traditional wives. Men from around the world are interested in meeting down-to-earth, romantic, and caring ladies from Japan, China, Korea, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. If you want a loyal, committed, and loving life partner. Thanks to modern technologies, finding an Asian bride is not that difficult. The choice of reliable mail order bride service is enormous. You just need to pick the best dating website that suits your budget and expectations. In this article, we will talk about why Asian brides make the best wives for westerners and the best places to meet them online.

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Asian female population 2.33 billion
Asian dating sites Eastern Honeys
Average Asian mail order bride age 21
Average price $10,000
Asian mail order wife counties China, Japan, The Philippines, Thailand

What Kind Of Men Are Suitable For Asian Brides?

Asian brides get on well with romantic and thoughtful men. They prefer meeting men willing to commit to serious relationships, get married, and become fathers. As the family is an Asian girl’s priority, they dream of meeting responsible men willing to provide for their families and support their wives financially. They want to be with men who will appreciate their efforts and admire their respect.

What Kind Of Men Are Not Suitable For Asian Mail Order Brides?

Those guys who just want to have fun, have a short holiday romance, and satisfy their sexual desires are not a good match for Asian ladies. Those men who prefer equality in relationships are also not perfect matches.

What Character Traits Of Asian Wives Are Highly Valued By Western Men?

There are several traits that make Asian brides the best choice for marriage. A huge number of foreign men dream of meeting eastern girls not just because they are pretty but because they have unique characteristics, which every man wants to find in his future wife.


Japanese brides, Chinese brides, Thai brides, Filipino brides, and Vietnamese brides are faithful and build relationships based on trust. Local women get married and promise to stay with their partners in sickness and happiness. They do not just say it but mean it. If you are looking for a woman who would genuinely care about your feelings and would never want to hurt you, then you should marry an Asian women.


Unlike western women who have big egos and want things their way, Asian women for marriage are submissive and prefer their partners to lead. They are soft, gentle, and feminine, leaving all the decisions to their marriage partners. Such a trait attracts many western men who are sick and tired of women who want to dominate. Foreign men just want to find ladies who would let their partners lead and feel like a man.

Outward beauty

Women from Japan, China, Thailand and Vietnam charm foreigners with their natural beauty. Asian women easily draw the attention of western men without putting much effort. They have glowing and young skin, magnetic eyes, shiny hair, petite and feminine bodies, and charming smiles.

Family values

When you start reviewing profiles of single eastern girls on Asian dating sites, you will see that they all look for family-oriented men. These women value family more than anything and hope to meet reliable, responsible, and faithful men. If you do not want to waste your time with women who just want to have fun, then you should definitely meet women from Asia.


Asian women may seem quiet and shy at first, but they are fiery in bed. These are passionate, romantic, and very affectionate. They show men their love and care through touches and nice words. If you want a passionate lover who wants to please all your desires, an Asian wife is the best choice.

Why Do Asian Brides Always Stand Out From Other Women?

There are many stunning women around the world. However, so many men want to marry a hot Asian woman. Compared to European girls, Asian ladies do not have big egos, they are not feminists, and they have family values that have been lost in Europe. Compared to Latina brides, Asian brides are reserved, quiet, and not jealous. Let’s see the main differences between Asian girls and women from Europe, America, and Latin countries.

The beauty secrets of Asian women.

Beautiful single Asian girls you will see at popular dating services will impress you with their looks. Asian brides know a lot of secrets that allow them to look young, even in their 50s. They eat healthily, rarely drink alcohol, sleep well, do not smoke, hydrate their skin, and use natural cosmetics.

They are more beautiful: Asian women or European women?

Beauty can not be judged as every woman is pretty. However, western men find eastern girls incredibly charming. They say opposites attract, and it is not only about a personality. The unique and exotic appearance of Asian brides draws the attention of men from around the world and makes men go speechless.

A comparison of Asian and Latin women?

Asian women dating sites offer a great choice of stunning and sexy eastern ladies who will spin your brain. If you do not like women who like to show themselves off and draw attention by putting a lot of makeup on, short skirts, and high heels, then Latin girls are certainly not your perfect match. However, if you like women who look elegant and draw men’s attention with their feminine energy, then an Asian bride is your ideal match. Latin women can be too emotional, over-jealous, and demanding, which can be tiring. An Asian bride is calm; she values her man for what he does for her.

How do Asian brides compare favorably to American women?

Asian wives are traditional. They believe that a man should lead in a relationship and he should be the one who provides for his family. American women get furious when they hear about such an old way of the relationship between a woman and a man. Eastern women want to serve their men, while American women want to dominate and prove to men that they are strong and independent and do not need men to feel feminine.

Where Can A Modern Man Find A Mail Order Bride From Asia?

In this part of the article, we discussed the best ways to meet an Asian mail order bride. Let’s review offline and online methods and see the benefits of both.

Offline trips through Asian countries

If you do not feel like trying an international dating site, then you can go on a real trip through Asian countries. The benefits are clear: you get to learn about Asian culture from residents, try delicious local food and introduce yourself to charming women in real life. However, planning takes time and effort. Think of places you would like to visit and how long you are willing to stay in each place.

If you meet the right woman for marriage during the trip, you will need to help her come to your home country. She will need to apply for a spouse visa and get married to you within 90 days. You will need to prove that you are not married or show your divorce certificate and as well as prove that you can support your future wife.

Online dating sites

Meeting beautiful Asian women through popular dating sites and apps is a modern way. You do not have to leave your home to meet women and have dates with them. All you need is to pick a safe online dating platform and create an attractive profile. Add your photos, information about yourself, and the type of relationship you are interested in. Modern dating platforms will match you with hot Asian ladies that have the same interests and values and look for the same type of relationships.

Marriage Agency

A marriage agency is another popular way to find your future wife. Unlike dating sites, where you are in control of the process of finding your perfect match, you have to share your requirements and wait until compatible girls are found by marriage agents. You can communicate with women of your interest through agents and translators if needed. The pros of looking for love through a marriage agency is that if you are busy all the time and you do not have time to scroll through pages with girls’ profiles, the agents will do it for you. Among the cons is it is not you who reviews profiles of women. A woman may not be compatible with you, but you may fall in love with her look and be willing to change to be with her.

Finding an Asian mail order bride can be a cost-effective endeavor when done right. A modern man can explore different countries through offline trips and get to know prospective brides in person. Online dating sites are also widely available, and offer more affordable options. Both methods have their pros and cons, so it’s important to do research about Asian mail order brides prices before choosing one that works for you.

The Whole Truth About Marriage with Asian Women

Being married to an Asian woman fills your love with heart. You start valuing family, time together, and life in general. An Asian bride is down-to-earth, and they see beauty and bliss in simple things. The risk you may face is that your future Asian bride will want to spend more time at home with your kids than going on trips or bars with you.

What is it like to be married to an Asian woman? What are some risks of marrying an Asian woman?

I married a beautiful Asian girl from the Philippines last year, and I became more content and happy. She taught me to enjoy slow breakfasts, go for romantic walks, and spend time with family, something I never admired when I lived alone. – James, 44 y.o., London

Do you think Asian brides are a great choice for most Western men?

Is it easy for Asian women to adapt to American culture? What challenges might arise in this process?

Not all women easily adapt to American culture. They find it cold and arrogant at first. However, getting enough support and meeting like-minded people helps them to adjust to the local culture. Your Asian wife may feel lonely and be upset about people always rushing and never having time for positive things.

It took my wife a while to adapt to life in the US after she left Vietnam. She did not have friends and felt lovely while I was at work. However, there are many Asian people here, and we expect a baby soon, so I know her life will be filled with care and love soon.

– David, 54 y.o, Boston

It is a common opinion that Asian wives are exceptionally submissive, loyal and faithful to their husbands. What can you say about this?

Yes. This is a fact that Asian brides are loyal and faithful to their husbands. Most Eastern women are religious and strongly believe in God. This is why they see marriage as a blessing, and they take the promise to be loyal in marriage seriously.

After a painful divorce, I had trust issues until I met Lee from Japan. From day one, she never gave me a reason not to trust her. She is always by my side, she is affectionate, and she always tells me how lucky she is to have me.

– Chase,34 y.o., Washington

How safe is the process of buying an Asian mail order bride for the average American? Can you advise proven online dating sites to find an Asian wife-to-be?

It is a safe and legal procedure. However, it is essential to find a service with a good reputation and positive reviews. AsianMelodies, EasternHoneys, and OrchidRomance are the top three Asian dating services that have been helping men to find their soul mates over the last decade. 

I have always been interested in meeting an Asian girl but traveling so far did not seem like a good idea, plus I did not know anything about their culture. So joining a dating site felt like a good idea. I joined EasternHoneys, an excellent site that I had a great experience with as I met my future wife there. The site is just the right place to meet beautiful women and communicate with them easily.

– Richard, 49 y.o., Perth

How Should You Act To Impress And Be Liked By Asian Women?

To succeed when meeting Asian women through dating sites and in real life, you need to know some tips. The same approach as with western women will unlikely work. Knowing eastern brides’ culture and understanding their values will help you to succeed in dating Asian women.

Act like a gentleman

Always start a conversation first. Asian wives can be shy at first, so make them feel comfortable by initiating a conversation. If having a date in real life, reserve a table in a nice  restaurant, help your date with a coat, and move a chair for her.

Buy your date flowers

Asian brides are romantic and sensitive. They will admire a bunch of flowers and see it as a gesture of admiration. This simple way is excellent to show your care which will make a woman fall in love with you.

Speak highly of your family

As we have already said, Asian brides value family the most. If you speak highly of your parents and siblings, this will help a woman trust you and see you as a potential husband.

Take things slowly

Kissing on the first date or trying to take a woman to your hotel room or apartment is not the best idea. Asian brides prefer taking things slowly as it is important for them to first trust a man and see that his intentions are genuine and serious.

Does An Asian Bride Seek Relationships With Foreign Men?

Asian women are eager to meet foreign men, and it is for a few good reasons.

They want to be respected

In many Asian countries, parents are waiting for baby boys as boys are more appreciated. Boys can work hard and earn more money to help their elderly parents. So from a young age, Asian girls lack respect, attention, and admiration. Asian wives are treated like servants and expected to do all the housework, look after children, older people, and cook. This is why many Asian brides dream of meeting men who would respect them and treat them like princesses.

They find western men more attractive

Asian girls find western men masculine and handsome. They like how western men look, clothes they wear and the way they take care of themselves. The look is not very important for men in Asia, so when local girls get to meet western guys, they are instantly attracted to them.

They want a better life

It is not a secret that many countries in Asia are poor, where local people have to survive. One of the reasons why Asian girls want to marry foreign men is leaving their countries and having better standards of life. Becoming a wife of a generous western man, they have an opportunity to study, find well-paid jobs and travel around the world.

Stories Of Happy Relationships Between Westerners And Asian Brides

Mike, Salt Lake City

I have always been interested in meeting Asian women but always felt shy to approach them. They look so delicate and I was just scared to say something wrong and push them away. Joining a dating site seemed like a much smarter idea. I started looking through profiles of Chinese ladies and came across photos of a beautiful girl with a charming smile. I sent her an email and she answered instantly. After a couple of months of chatting online, I knew I had to act. Otherwise she would be charmed by another man. We met my future Asian wife in NY for Christmas, and it was love at first sight. I am looking forward to marrying her as things go really smooth and we seem like a perfect match.

Ashton, Portland

I think that Japanese ladies are the hottest as they look the most feminine. It was my dream to marry such a delicate and pretty woman. Luckily, my dream has come true. After a few weeks of being with a famous marriage agency, I was introduced to Sara, and we instantly got on well. We both wanted to get married; so after my future Asian wife received a spouse visa and joined me in the US, we got married. She is the perfect wife every guy dreams of. She is soft, genuine, and respectful, making me feel special.

David, Carmel

I bet you will agree that Thai ladies are especially hot and attractive. I have never been to Thailand, but my friends told me that Thai girls are the best. Why not give it a chance? I joined a popular dating service and have been impressed with the number of single Thai females wanting to meet men from the US. I instantly spotted a charming Asian girl with long black hair and a sweet smile. It appeared we had a lot in common, and she dreamt of visiting the US. Long story short, we are engaged, and I think she would be the most amazing wife I deserve.

Benjamin, Chicago

After being a member of an online dating site with Vietnamese ladies, I knew I was to connect my life with a woman from this country. These women are traditional, which women in the US miss. I was fortunate to meet Dung, who said she liked me and wanted to meet me in real life. After the first trip to Hanoi and meeting Dung’s family, I knew I wanted her to be my wife. She is the sweetest person I know, and she entirely dedicated herself to our relationship.

Darren, Seattle

I got married to the most attractive woman on the planet last year, and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks to online dating, I had a chance to meet the most beautiful Filipino ladies who make me smile every day.

The Secrets Of a Strong and Long-Lasting Marriage With an Asian Wife

Want to have a long-lasting and happy marriage with your Asian wife? Follow these tips.

Support your Asian wife

Asian women are delicate and sensitive creatures who need love and support. Be on your Asian wife side, help her in any way, and she will admire you more than any other person.

Be faithful to your Asian bride

If you want to gain your Asian bride trust, be loyal as she is to you. Trust is the most important aspect of long-term relationships.

Be a family man

If you want to keep your Asian bride happy, spend all your free time with your family. Marriage and children are the two most valuable things for Asian girls.


As we get closer to the end of our comprehensive review of meeting Asian women, we would like to say that as a westerner you have a high chance of marrying a stunning lady from Asia. These women are everything you dream of. If you want to be loved, respected, admired, and know that your wife is committed to you, women of the nationalities we have discussed through the articles are just right.


Are Asian mail order brides real?

If you join a legit dating service with a good reputation, success stories, and positive reviews, then yes, the brides you will come across are real. Look for a “verified” badge on a woman’s profile. This will give you a layer of security.

Do Asian brides speak English?

Most Asian brides speak good English. Local women are well-educated and learn English in primary school. Also, the whole of Asia is a popular tourist destination. Therefore, local people speak English well and have no trouble communicating with people from Europe, the UK, and the US.

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