Asian Mail Order Brides Cost

If you’re serious about online dating and use it to find a lifetime partner, the expenses are inevitable. To find a wife absolutely free of charge is impossible. You will face travel, services, document expenses, and etc. So what are mail order Asian brides prices? Are there any ways to save money on purchasing a bride? What should you never grudge money on? Why does an Asian woman become a perfect bride? Let’s find out below.

Who Are Asian Mail Order Brides?

Mail order brides from Asia are women looking for love with a foreign partner. There are both young and mature women from developing Oriental countries. These beautiful ladies seek love and marriage and are willing to relocate to their husband’s motherland. Unfortunately, there are no Asian mail order brides free of charge. To buy an Asian bride, you need to pay some fees. These would include travel costs, communication fees, Visa expenses, and etc.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Order Asian Bride

Before you learn more about mail order Asian bride prices, let me tell you at least 5 reasons why a woman from Asia is the right investment.

They Possess Unique Charm

Oriental women possess a feminine aura that you can’t resist. Tender complexions, long silky hair, light skin, and dark eyes make Asian women exotic beauties. This is not only the appearance that makes local women so captivating. The way they carry themselves, the way they move and speak make men go crazy about them.

These ladies are unfamiliar with obesity. They maintain a healthy weight with a balanced diet and moderate physical activity. And what is more, these women are known as never-aging. Your Asian mail order bride will look like a 20-year-old beauty even when she’s in her 40-ties.

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A Different Mentality

Asian and Western worlds have so many differences that make marriage between an Asian and a Westerner an exciting experience. Marriage with someone from another culture will never get boring. You will enjoy the interaction, enjoy talking, and enjoy exploring the new sides of each other every day. Oriental women are nothing like American ladies. They are family-oriented, respectful, caring, and don’t postpone marriage. If you’re a man who wants to experience the “old-fashioned” way of dating- girlfriends are your right choice.

Dedication to Family

Family is the greatest treasure for all local women. Regardless of the country where your future spouse resides, she was raised in a family-focused society. Asians understand the value of family ties. They are respectful towards the elder family members and listen to their wise opinions. Once you get an Asian wife for sale, you will get a woman who puts family interests above everything.


Oriental women are known for their loyalty. Once they say “yes”, they fight, suffer, and enjoy life with you. A woman from Asia is incapable of cheating. These alluring ladies stand by their husbands no matter what. If they feel like the marriage turns into a groundhog’s day, she’ll try to find the solution instead of jumping in the bed of another man.

Asian Girls For Sale

Strong Will

Despite their fragile looks, Oriental women are real fighters. They are hardworking, patient, and can stand still when troubles start to show. With such a dedicated and strong partner, you’ll have nothing to be scared of. No problem can ruin your marriage.

How Much Does Online Dating Cost

The Registration Fee

International dating platforms, as a rule, offer free registration. Newly registered members can create an account, add some information about themselves, and browse Asian mail order brides gallery of pictures. Free services may also include sending likes, winks to break the ice, and using basic search to see how many girls are looking for relationships.

Spending Money on Gifts

The online dating industry is so advanced that it can almost fully replace live dating. As proof, you can even send gifts and flowers to your mail order girlfriend. You don’t necessarily need to use the flower and gift delivery service offered on a dating site. As a rule, simple bouquets are overpriced there. Just google the best deliveries in your girl’s home city and pay by credit card.


It’s good if the dating site you’ve chosen offers translation services. It’s even better if the translation is included in your membership plan. It’s a bitter truth, but Asians have poor English skills. If by messaging a woman from Asia, you can erase the language barrier, what would you do when she arrives at your place? The best option would be to prepare in advance and to pay for her English lessons. Prices in private schools start from $320


The final and the most exciting step. You invited a woman to your country. This is a very responsible step that needs some effort from your side. So how to get an Asian bride to America? Or how to meet mail order Asian brides in Canada? First, you need to obtain a fiancee visa. After that, you have 90 days to tie the knot.

Organizing a Love Trip

The Asian mail order brides prices are probably the highest of all. Let’s take a look at the three most common and popular destinations to meet your love in Asia: Japan, South Korea, and China:

A one-way plane ticket to Tokyo will cost you around $900. The cost of living in Tokyo is pretty high as this is one of the most expensive megapolises in the world. Two weeks of living in a good hotel will cost you a whopping sum of $3,000. The local food is relatively cheap. However, lunch at a restaurant can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000 in 2 weeks.

A plane ticket to Beijing will be about $750. The cost of living in China’s capital is lower than in Tokyo. $2,000-2,500 for two weeks in a decent hotel. Food is cheaper, but dinner in some restaurants will make your wallet thinner on $500.

The minimum price to get to Seoul is $800. The accommodation cost is around $2,500 for two weeks in a decent place. Food and other expenses are similar to the Chinese.

Courtship Cost

Asia can boast of an entire courtship culture. You should add the wooing expenses to an overall cost. Korean singles, for example, go mad about flowers. The floristics industry is highly developed and very profitable. Local men are willing to spend vast sums to surprise their brides with large bouquets.

Asian women from other countries expect chivalry gestures and gifts as well. For them, dating is all about romance. As a man, you’re expected to take care of all the expenses, In local culture, this is how a man proves his capacity to provide for the family.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, mail order brides are women looking for American men like you. They seek a reliable and supportive fiance to date and marry. While you can’t have mail order Asian brides free of charge. To purchase her, a man will need to face some expenses. The Asian mail order brides cost depends on the country she comes from, your generosity, and the type of dating site you choose. No matter how much you have to pay to marry a woman from Asia, be sure, it’s worth it.

asian mail order bride cost

FAQ on Asian Girls For Sale

What Is The Best Country To Buy An Asian Wife?

The most popular Asian mail order bride regions are Korea, the Philippines, China, Vietnam, and Thailand. Your best country depends on your preferences for a future wife. You can find an Asian bride in India, Japan, Malaysia, or Sri Lanka and feel boundlessly happy with her.

Is It Legal To Buy Asian Girl?

Yes, it’s absolutely legal. The problem is that some people don’t get the “mail order bride” term right. You don’t literally buy a woman. Men pay for services on a dating agency or cover the expenses on living, accommodation, and dating. The only matter of legitimacy is getting a fiance visa. Once you have it, you can safely invite your lady to the US, and you will have 90 days to marry.

What Does The Average Asian Mail Order Bride Cost?

There are no set mail order Asian bridal prices. For every man, such experience will carry different expenses. The most common expenses include the cost of membership on a dating service, the price of gifts and flowers, and the travel expenses to meet Asian ladies live. In general, you can expect to spend from $2.000 to $20.000.

What Is The Minimum Age to Buy an Asian Woman?

You can buy an Asian woman right when she turns 18 in the majority of countries in Asia. This is the legal age of an Asian girl looking for marriage.