Discovering How Much Does a Filipina Bride Cost

Last Updated on September 6, 2022

Filipina women attract hundreds of foreign men. They are not only exotically beautiful but also convince with positive character traits. They aren’t just loving to their parents; they’re also warm, loving, good mothers and loyal wives. Besides, these women seek security and maturity in the relationship. No wonder Filipinas are not averse to marrying a foreign man. As a man interested in dating them, you should know how much money you would spend on it. So, how much does a Filipina bride cost?

Sites To Find Foreign Women & Dating Sites

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Basics About Filipino Brides

💰 Average cost of a Filipino mail order bride1500 – 30000 $
💍 Filipino Marriage range age18 – 45 y.o.
🏆 Success marriages89%
💔 Divorce rateLess than 13%

Can You Buy or Order a Filipina Girl?

Men, who are immersed in online dating for the first time, wonder what is the Filipino bride cost? Can you pay a certain amount to get a woman who will become my wife? No, we know that human trafficking is prohibited. The cost of a Filipina bride is the amount of money you spend on:

  1. Using a Filipina dating agency
  2. Communication with a bride
  3. Gifts, both virtual and real
  4. Real-life dates and meetings

What Is the Philippine Brides Price on Dating Sites?

Have you decided to explore Filipina dating sites? The problem is whether to go through a free or paid dating site. And is there a clear distinction between the two options?

Editor's choice ⭐️
Asian Melodies logo
> 3 400
girls online
> 6 000
visits per day

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Eastern Honeys logo
≈ 1 100
girls online
≈ 6 500
visits per day

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Lover Whirl logo
> 3 000
girls online
> 5 000
visits per day

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What to Know About a Free Filipina Dating Site?

There are plenty of free dating sites on the Internet. Hundreds of singles decide to register on international portals to meet love, build romantic relationships or find wives. The advantages of choosing free platforms to find a Filipino girl include:

  • Wide offer of brides from numerous countries, with different intentions.
  • Varied profiles with photos, personal information.
  • Do not require any costs when you initiate the conversation with a Filipina woman.
  • Communication with a bride costs nothing, unlike communication when going out to a restaurant or a nightclub.

However, when talking about “free”, expect some downsides:

  • There are certain nuances of free online Filipina dating portals you should consider. Some services offer free registration. However, to consult profiles or contact Filipina girls, you should purchase a subscription.
  • The profiles are varied, as well as users’ intentions. No wonder you can come across scammers or violators.
  • Some free Filipina sites serve as niches to earn money from advertisements.
  • Sites without premium tools don’t offer many features. You can get bored with such a service.

What to Know About a Paid Dating Site?

If you have serious intentions to meet your love and date beautiful Philippines ladies, the idea of spending money won’t stop you. Before registering on a paid site, do a pros and cons analysis. Advantages of finding women looking for American men on paid portals include:

  • The fact that the site is paid ensures that singles registered want to put in the financial effort to find brides or fiances.
  • The number of women is fewer than on a free dating service; search, and choice is easier.
  • Registered Filipina ladies put effort into describing their needs better. These sites require some personal information and a profile photo.
  • Such agencies have certain privacy policies and terms of use. Those who violate them will be banned and deleted.
  • The variety of functionalities to meet singles is impressive.

Considering that paid portals sites offer more chances and opportunities to meet Filipina women, we will review several types of paid sites. It allows us to find out the Philippines wife price.

how much does a filipina bride cost

Meet Singles Philippines on Paid Dating Services

Since using a dating site is the first thing you spend money on when trying to meet Philippines ladies looking for marriage, let’s find out how much it costs to use different portals. Keep in mind that there are two main systems of paid usage: credit-based and subscription-based. What will be more beneficial for a man who is seeking Filipina girlfriends?

Credit-Based Systems

Dating on the platform with a credit-based system is more user-oriented. Credits are a virtual currency that men and women can use however and whenever they want. The main advantage is that this currency does not have an expiration date.

You buy, for example, 20 credits. You can spend the first 5 credits on sending a photo to a Filipina bride, and after a month, you spend the remaining 15 credits on chatting. It is worth remembering that each function has its own cost. A minute of correspondence in an online chat costs from 1 to 10 credits, sending a photo – 10 credits. The cost of services varies from platform to platform.

To buy credits, you spend a certain amount of money. The average cost of 20 credits is $10, of 50 credits- $20. The more credits you buy at a time, the lower the cost of one credit. How much of this virtual currency you need to communicate with beautiful Filipino girls is up to you.

Subscription-Based Systems

A more common option among brides and men is a subscription. Men, whose goal is to meet beautiful Filipino women looking for men, register on the portal and choose one of the proposed subscriptions. Some sites distinguish subscriptions by duration: a subscription for 3, 6, or 12 months. Others offer subscriptions with various options included: the cheapest one allows you to chat, the average one gives you access to video chatting and interactive options.

Premium subscription includes access to all services. You do not purchase separate features, but make a one-time payment and interact with a Filipina female during the period that you have chosen. Monthly premium membership costs, on average, about $30.

How to Find Philippine Women for Sale Online?

To find a lonely woman online on a dating platform, you should discover what audience frequents the site. But it is also vital to consider its practical and innovative features and communication options. Let’s discover what free and paid features you can take advantage of to meet a mail order Filipina bride.

Success Story #1 Image
Jade & Jin DateAsianWoman logo

When Jade first saw Jin's profile on the mail order bride website, she was intrigued. He was from a different country and seemed like a kind man. After exchanging emails and talking on the phone, they decided to meet in person. When they finally met, they knew it was meant to be. They were drawn to each other's smiles and laughter. They got married shortly after meeting and started their new life together. Jade loved learning about Jin's culture and he loved learning about hers. They were very happy and soon started a family together. They are now living the American dream and are grateful for the chance to have found each other online

Success Story #2 Image
Ayleen & Neut Asian Melodies logo

Ayleen had always been fascinated by the idea of love. She dreamed of finding her one true love, and when she turned 25, she decided it was time to take matters into her own hands. Ayleen joined a mail order bride website and started browsing through profiles of potential husbands. One day, she came across a profile for Neut, an American man living in California. They began corresponding with each other and quickly fell in love. Ayleen flew to California to meet Neut and they got married shortly after. They were so happy together and loved spending time with each other's families.

Free Features

Registration and Profile Creation

No matter what site you choose: free or subscription-based, registration is a free process. Females specify their age, family status, hobbies, desires, preferences concerning the future fiance in their profiles. You should do the same to attract more Filipina women.

Basic Search Filters

A great classic, you might say! But not all dating site search engines have a great search tool.

Blacklists and Contact Filtering

Not to get overwhelmed by the number of contact requests you receive, services offer you a chance to block them by using specific filtering or by setting up a blacklist.

Advanced Search Filters

The advanced search allows you to select several criteria for filtering profiles to find those filipino mail order brides who correspond to your expectations. The more filters a search engine includes, the more precise the results are, and the more time you save. Some advanced searches offered by paid portals include the desired physical criteria of your Filipina interlocutors.

Streaming, Webcam Chats, and Video Calls

Are you afraid of misleading profile pictures and prefer to see Filipina women before a real-life meeting? Webcam chat is a great solution! Compared to traditional chats that leave a part of mystery hanging over, with the webcam chat, you discover the face of your mail order girlfriend, her facial expressions, smile, and way of speaking.

Chatting Options, Sending Messages and Mails

Communication with Philippine women for sale is a paid tool. Why? Because quality means effort, constant work, and improvement. If you don’t want to see advertisements everywhere on a service, buy a subscription.

Unlimited Access to Photos and Videos Uploaded by Other Users

Some free portals and a free version of paid portals lets you see blurred photos or only 1 woman’s photo. With a premium membership, you enjoy browsing through all photos uploaded by charming Filipino ladies.

philippines ladies looking for marriage

How Much Does a Bride Cost in Real-Life?

When your relationships with Filipina ladies move to another level, you should think about a meeting in life. Before worrying about moving to her country and how expensive it is, we are happy to assure you that traveling to the Philippines is not that scary. So, how much does a filipino mail order bride cost when you go to her country?

  • One-way flight from New York to the Philippines will cost around $1,300. The prices depend on the airline and the time of the year.
  • One-night stay in a middle-class hotel costs around $40-50.
  • Eating in a restaurant is more expensive than buying food in a supermarket. You may try eating outside when going out on dates with your mail order girlfriend.
  • What about flowers for your Filipina woman? A great red roses bouquet is $40; the carnation bouquet is $70.

Love exceeds the boundaries. If you dream about marriage with a Filipina filipina mail order bride, take luck under your control. Read some guides about popular tourist places, cafes, restaurants. The more you discover about the Philippines culture, people, traditions, the easier it will be to stay with your bride there.

Tips on Dating Filipina Women Looking for Love

filipino women

When men think of a future date with a Filipina woman, the euphoria and happiness often give way to anxiety. So, how should you prepare for this fateful meeting with filipino mail order brides? Here are some online Filipino dating tips to put into practice right away.

  • If it is your first meeting, deepen your knowledge about a Filipina bride. Browse her profile, check what she publishes, figure out if a Filipina woman has a hobby or a passion. The more you discover about her, the easier it is to find conversation topics that can come in handy in your time of need.
  • Respect is the basis of healthy relationships with Filipina women and is part of the golden rules for the success of your couple. Respect the bride as she is, do not judge, criticize.
  • Accept that your Filipina bride is different. Accept that your woman does not share the same point of view as you. Unless you argue about an exact science, everyone has their opinion.
  • Try to learn more about her perception of this world. Most Filipino women seeking men want to share their feelings and are happy to change for their partner.

Find Your Filipina Bride Without Many Efforts

Once you have learned all the crucial facts about the financial side of dating Filipina women, you are ready to make your choice. The brides price is not as high as it seems at first glance. If you are driven by your desire to meet beautiful foreign women, give it a chance. No one is forcing you to pay thousands or millions for communication. Moreover, meeting Filipina brides is possible without leaving your home. Keep in mind: experimentation is always great.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to marry a filipina wife

Some of the factors that may affect the overall pride price include: the type of ceremony (religious or civil), whether or not a visa is required, whether or not witnesses are needed, and how many guests are invited. In addition, certain expenses such as translation services, marriage license fees, and wedding planner fees may also be incurred.

Do you need to use online dating services to find a filipino mail order brides?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to find a bride will vary depending on your personal circumstances. However, online dating services can be a great way to connect with potential filipino wives from around the world, and can provide you with an opportunity to get to know them better before making a commitment.

How can i marry a filipino girl from the philippines

There’s no one answer to this question since there isn’t just one way to go about marrying a Filipino girl from the Philippines. The best way to ensure a smooth and successful marriage, however, is to start by learning as much as you can about her culture and customs. This will help you better understand your Filipina bride-to-be and bridge any cultural gaps that may exist between you. Finally, be sure to get the approval of her family before making any formal plans. Families are very important in

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