Loyal Indonesian Brides

While some people choose Indonesia as a vacation destination or retire to Bali, the others have discovered one more reason to spend some time in this country. It’s no secret that brides from Indonesia are sought after by millions of men worldwide. So here are a few grave reasons why to consider a lady from Indonesia for marriage.

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Indonesian Brides Dating Culture

Indonesian mail-order brides are a perfect medium between the Western and Eastern ladies. Nevertheless, This girlfriends dating culture is unique and not comparable to any other country. So what should you know before deciding on dating Indonesian women? First of all, Indonesia is a patriarchal community. Women in this country are obedient and very often show to sign of affection. Men are expected to take the initiative, take expenses for the date, and provide his woman with financial and mental sustenance when in marriage.

A couple is officially in relationships when a man says he loves his girlfriend. No matter how long you saw each other, you’re not together until a man confesses his feelings. Secondly, the Indonesian community is discriminative against same-sex marriages. It’s not officially forbidden, but you’d better not demonstrate your tolerance explicitly when in Indonesia.

Indonesian Women for marriage

Third, due to strong religious beliefs, for most Indonesian women for marriage, premarital sex is taboo. Of course, there are couples that have sex before they get officially married, but they keep it a secret. Premarital intimacy is frowned upon; hence, people in this country get married early compared to the Western world. Girls are allowed to enter into marriage at the age of 14 with parental consent. Besides, any demonstration of affection, even from married couples like kissing and hugging in public is frowned upon, holding hands is the maximum.

Indonesian Girlfriends Enjoy Dating Western Men

It’s a matter of taste, actually. If you’re a white guy who’s intended on marrying an Indonesian bride for sale, you definitely want to know if you will not be spurned. Some of them prefer dating only Indonesian men, while others are more focused on marrying a Western groom. There’s no such a tendency of searching for a husband overseas. Indonesian mail order brides are generally satisfied with their status and would think twice before connecting their lives with foreigners.

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Appearance Of Indonesian Mail Order Brides

These brides for marriage are mesmerizingly beautiful. All men get really jealous of Indonesian guys who can watch this beauty every day. These women for marriage have naturally tanned skin and are absolutely stunning in their natural beauty. They don’t apply the tones of makeup to feel beautiful. Properly lined-up accents make these real beauty eye-candies. Besides, they have long black silky hair to admire and dark eyes that radiate warmth and benignity. Like all Asian women, Indonesian wives have fragile, thin postures of average height (about 160cm, which is 5.2 feet), which makes them even cuter. What is more, she looks extremely feminine adorned in a fashionable wardrobe. Despite being Muslims, Indonesian mail order wives, are not obliged to wear Hijab, which allows them to demonstrate their petite bodies with stylish clothes, chosen with taste and regarding social norms.

Traits That Make Pretty Indonesian Girls Good Wives

They’re monogamous

Indonesian mail-order brides love their man unconditionally. A husband is a center of their universes. Nowhere in the world, you will find such a loving and devoted wife as in Indonesia. They’re obedient and struggle to keep the family together no matter what, thus, the divorce rate in Indonesia is really low. In case of separation, it takes some time for a single Indonesian woman to recover and immerse into new relationships.

Beautiful Indonesian Women Are Family-Centered

Since childhood, an Indonesian wife is taught to take care of the house, be good at cooking, as well as behave feminine, obedient, and respectful towards her man. They struggle for maternity, big families, and can be submissive to a powerful man near. Besides, an Indonesian bride will love your family as her own, respect your parents, and listen to their opinions.

Indonesian Brides Are Loving

No need to deny that women for whom family is sacred are extremely nurturing and passionate. Kids evoke all the most positive feelings in them, and Indonesian wives will be willing to accept kids from your ex marriages. She will treat them like her own kids, and never stay indifferent to their troubles.

They’re Super Friendly

Indonesian girls for marriage are enthusiastic about meeting new individuals. They lead active social lives and are culturally suggested to become pleasant as well as friendly and welcome people in their place. Being a guest at the Indonesian bride’s house means being treated with all the best delicacies and respect. In case a man explicitly demonstrates his interest in her personality, an Indonesian beauty will definitely not run away, but accept this attention with dignity and a shy smile.

Popular Dating Websites To Meet Indonesian Singles

  • AsianBeautyOnline.com
  • AsiaMe.com
  • IndonesianCupid.com
  • LoveAwake.com


AsianBeautyOnline.com is a part of the Qpid Network family. The website was created to unite male singles from all over the world with beautiful Asians for relationships and marriage.

main page AsianBeautyOnline

Pros Of AsianBeautyOnline.com

  • An impressive number of loving and family-oriented Indonesian wives online.
  • Communication features comprise audio and video calls to make your interaction with a lady more effective.
  • Transparent payment system, no hidden charges
  • A mobile application is available to help you connect with your Indonesian mail order wife on the go
  • A qualified customer support service staff

Cons Of AsianBeautyOnline.com

  • Communication with brides is only available for fee-based users
  • Customer service live chat is not available 24/7


Since it first was launched in 1998, the website has managed to create millions of happy marriages. Even though AsiaMe was first introduced almost 22 years ago, it has successfully adapted to the modern market of online dating.

main page AsiaMe.com

Pros Of AsiaMe.com

  • The website is constantly improving and confidently holds the position of a top site for Asian dating.
  • The signup process is free of charge and can be completed within 10 min.
  • An obligatory verification to eliminate scam activity on the site.
  • The website has an automatic “about me” writing section.

Cons Of AsiaMe.com

  • The site’s services are quite expensive.
  • There are some fake profiles on the website.


Indonesia-specific website runner by Cupid Media Pty Ltd. It’s famous for gathering Indonesian singles with their Western admirers.

IndonesianCupid main page

Pros Of IndonesianCupid.com

  • The majority of Indonesian brides registered are responsive and willing to date and marry regardless of religion.
  • Profile verification needs submitting a valid ID
  • Very few fake profiles due to strict security measures
  • The website is absolutely legit and operates in accordance with law regulations

Cons Of IndonesianCupid.com

  • Free features on the site are very limited
  • A mobile application is free to download but only available for Android devices


Loveawake is a premium website with mostly positive users’ feedback. Having around 1.5 million users from all around the world, Loveawake gives you an opportunity to search for perfect international brides.

LoveAwake main page

Pros LoveAwake.co

  • Enables to see full profile views for all users
  • The website is entirely free, including sending and viewing messages.
  • They implemented e-courses for better relationships.
  • The website’s interface is straightforward and easy to use

Cons LoveAwake.co

  • There are high chances of being scammed.
  • The registration may take an eternity.

Tips for Dating A Pretty Indonesian Mail Order Bride

Family Approval Is Crucial

Since family plays an important role in the life of your Indonesian mail order bride, their opinion influences her decisions. In fact, all Muslim culture is based on respect to the elders. An Indonesian girlfriend will fastly introduce you to her family, so prepare to be strictly evaluated by them. Frankly speaking, the future of your relationships depend on their approval.

They’re Looking For A Dominant Man

Indonesian brides don’t play that independent-woman-game; they don’t take the burden of responsibility on their shoulders and thus look for an elder and decisive man to rely on. Instead, these brides provide their husbands with care, delicious dinners, loyalty, and obedience. Brides from Indonesia don’t struggle for overwhelming equality and feel absolutely calm living in a man’s world. But nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that Indonesian brides don’t strive for education. Vise versa, they try to successfully combine the role of a good wife and career.

Brides From Indonesia Have Strong Religious Beliefs

Religion is a must in Indonesia. Yet, most of the residents preach Islam, there’s a small percentage of Christian people. Brides from this country have some strict rules to follow before they walk down the aisle, and so marrying a guy of non-muslim beliefs is frowned upon. Having no religion is unacceptable in Indonesia; they won’t accept your agnosticism or atheism.

They Love Attention

A bride from this country is devoted to her husband with all her heart and soul. Hence, they expect to be rewarded with compliments and care. Mail order brides from Indonesia will appreciate gifts and flowers for no reason, just as a sign of your affection and love.

Nightclubs Are Not The Best Place To Approach An Indonesian Single Woman

First of all, 90 percent of cute Indonesian brides don’t go to clubs. There surely are brides who love to party, drink and enjoy long-night celebrations and don’t mind hanging out with a foreigner, but not intended to be a serious commitment. There are actually 3 types of women in Indonesia. 20 percent of them are extremely conservative and follow all the Islam rules. About 60 percent of the brides is a golden medium between the West and East, and they’re the women that deserve attention. They become loving and caring brides, endlessly devoted to their husbands. The rest are too influenced by Western culture, and so differ a lot from an image of a typical Indonesian bride.

Indonesian brides

Closing Word

Brides from Indonesia are a secret value of the Asian world. They combine all the features that a man is looking for in his wife-to-be. These ladies are loyal and family-oriented, never doubt man’s authority, and remain devoted to their families for a lifetime. An Indonesian wife finder has all the reasons to appreciate his spouse and pumper her with gifts and compliments. To meet your love from Indonesia, it takes no more than a stable Internet connection and your sincere desire to marry one. Having married an Indonesian woman, you will get an excellent partner for a lifetime.