Japanese Women Dating

Interested in some secrets where to find and how to date Japanese women without moving to Japan? We know that you are; otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

Japanese dating culture is nothing like American. Moving to Japan from any Westernized country is like purchasing a ticket to another world. Dating a Japanese girlfriend is a path full of pitfalls that a Western man needs to be prepared for and overcome to reach happiness.

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Understanding A Japanese Dating Culture

Relationships in Japan officially start after the confession. This is a stage when one partner (usually a man) confesses about his feelings and asks a woman for a date. A “confession” may appear weird for people of Western culture who first go out to build a mutual awareness that they’re actually into relationships. In Japan, it’s very common to go out together as friends. Thus, if you don’t confess your feelings, you will be just a soulmate for her.

The Japanese are absolutely okay with the idea of an all-day weekend. The thing is, people in Japan are used to a tremendous work upload. When the working day is over, they prefer to regroup at home and leave weekends for all the pleasant things. When a Japanese couple is planning a date, it takes a day or a half so they can fully enjoy each other.

Splitting the bill is also common in Japan. A man prefers to handle the bill for special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, or etc.

In Japan, they do celebrate Valentine’s Day but not in a common way. For them, this is a holiday when a woman prepares a gift for her partner and invites him out. But don’t start thinking of the money you will save. In a month, on the 14th of March, the Japanese celebrate the White day. This is a cultural tradition where men give presents in return.

What about marriage and children? Well, in most cases, Japan women are pushed to get married sooner than later. In most regions, parents and society encourage women to get down the aisle before the age of 30. Due to this fact, many girls expect partners to take their relationships seriously.

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Appearance Features Of Japanese Women That Drive Men Crazy

Japan women are representatives of classic Asian beauty. Their tiny figures and good genetics help them look stunning at any age, giving you zero thought that the sweet young girl in front of you is actually 40.

Jokes apart, Japanese ladies are usually more fragile and taller than other Asian peoples. Their skin is usually of a lighter tone, but this does not prevent them from making it even whiter, using all kinds of bleaching agents. They are generally very sensitive to their appearance and devote a lot of time to caring for themselves. The beauty of Japanese women is a combination of self-care and nature. These women carefully protect their skin from sunburn wearing long-sleeves in summer and covering their faces.

The eyes of Japan women are wider than the residents of China or Korea. Japanese women have natural black thick hair. Hairstyle matters for all Japan women. These alluring brides always have the hair done by the stylist or on their own.

Characters Of Pretty Japanese Ladies


These beautiful women are very modest but in a positive way. They are not speakers but listeners. A woman from Japan will let you take the initiative at conversations. Besides, they absolutely hate confrontations and possess an inborn inclination to avoid arguments. Japanese ladies believe that a calm talk is a panacea from all family scenes.


You would be right when you decide to put all your efforts into being on time for a date with a Japanese beauty. It’s very common for Japanese brides to be punctual. As children, they were taught for mutual respect. Thus, dating a Japanese girl is dating someone who respects your time and expects you to appreciate hers.


The concept of marriage in Japan differs a lot from that in the USA. A man is the main breadwinner in Japanese families, while children, parents, and house duties fall at women’s shoulders. Change to the traditional social order didn’t bypass Japan. Women have equal rights with men to choose professions and build careers. Therefore, in fear of losing their own freedom and ruining their careers, Japan women would prefer to remain unmarried for as long as possible.


You might have heard of one popular fact about Japan that says that in this country, many things are considered inappropriate. We are here not to debunk but to confirm this statement. In Japan, they care a lot about other people’s feelings and hate making someone feel uncomfortable. This is why all Japanese women are so nice and sweet to others. This is a part of their mentality.

Devotedness To Family

Although More and more Japanese females choose careers over families, dating Japanese women means dating a potential loving and caring wife. Those ladies who, after all, decided to bind their lives with family bounds, put all their hearts and souls into maintaining a healthy environment inside the marriage, and raise children in the atmosphere of love and respect.

Japanese Women Like American Men

It’s hard to answer this question, “Do Japanese women like American men?” or “How to date a Japanese woman?” in a defined way. Japan women don’t like going out of their comfort zone, and dating a man of a culture that is completely different from hers is a challenge.

According to statistics, only 1.3% of Japanese brides marry a foreigner. It’s not like they avoid foreign men, but if given a choice, a Japanese woman would choose a Japanese groom. This doesn’t make the mission of marrying a beautiful woman from Japan impossible. You only need to use common sense and find the proper approach to conquer her heart.

Secrets To Make A Japanese Girl Fall For You

How to date a Japanese girl is a question that concerns every man who’s into these fragile women. No more worries and doubts. Here are 5 tips that will bring you a smooth experience of Japan girl dating.

Listen To Her And Listen To Her Again

Japanese girls are calm and quiet when in a public place. They only allow themselves to express emotions in a circle of family or friends. Japan women are obedient to their husbands, but they also want their voices to be heard and considered when making a serious decision.

Reply to Her Messages

Women from Japan will take serious offense if, after reading a message, you won’t reply immediately. If busy, a simple “I’m working and will text you about 8 p.m” would be quite clear and satisfying for her. Don’t make her wait for the reply. It’s considered totally disrespectful.

Understand Culture

When deciding on dating a lady of a different culture (especially Japanese), don’t spare time to learn about this culture. Yet immersing into the customs of an Eastern world is a daunting task for a man of a Western mentality but be sure that your efforts will not be spent for anything. There is a whole range of usual things for an American but absolutely lame for the Japanese. For example, passing food with chopsticks is a sign of a bad tone.

Know Your Blood Type

Why on Earth does she want to know your blood type? No, she doesn’t need you as a donor. For the Japanese, a person’s blood type is like a zodiac sign. They believe that people’s characters directly depend on the blood that runs in their veins. Not knowing your blood type will make an average Japanese resident raise an eyebrow in surprise.

Learn To Recover From Confrontations Fast

After having an argument and spending a night in different beds, it’s more likely that a Japanese wife will calm down and behave as if nothing happened. Taking offense after the argument is over has no sense for these ladies. If you want to maintain your relationships, learn to overcome the tension between you two.

Where To Approach A Japanese Woman: Dating Sites Take The Lead

Going to Japan with an “I want a Japanese wife” idea just doesn’t work like that. Yes, the Japanese sweethearts are so extremely polite that it pushes you to think she’s fallen for you. If only it were like that! To start relationships with a Japanese bride, the very first thing is to find a bride who doesn’t really mind being into relationships. Not to beat around the bush, dating sites are an excellent place for that. Just because she’s got an account already means she’s keen on relationships with a foreign guy.


JapanCupid main page


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  • An app is not available for iOS users
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Asian Melodies

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  • Lots of profiles of Japanese women looking for American men
  • The website is continuously improving its transactions and safety and anti-scam level
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  • Free features on the site are very limited. Communication is not free.
  • Additional services like translation and gift delivery are available.

Asian Dating

AsianDating main page


  • Users can browse other users profiles absolutely for free
  • Verification badge to distinguish profiles which owners submitted their ID
  • The site is extremely easy to navigate. Even your granny will learn to do that.
  • A profile can be customized later
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  • You need to upgrade an account to premium to chat with other members.
  • No automatic translation of messages for free users.

To Summarize

Dreaming of dating a girl who is fragile, caring, and pretty is natural. Japanese women are known as a submissive and loving girlfriend who can turn upside down your image of relationships. Women from Japan don’t get easily caught by foreigners; to win a key to her heart, a non-native needs to do a great job. If you don’t want to beat around the bush, thinking if a girl in Japan wants relationships with you, then dating sites will help you to find it out. Sign up, remember our tips, and go ahead to meet your love from Japan.