How Much Mail Order Brides Cost For American Man

Last Updated on January 12, 2021

A lot of men in the world still single. They dream of finding a wonderful person to be happy in marriage. However, not everyone is so lucky to find an amazing bride via traditional dating. Sometimes, men are too busy with a career that they simply do not have time for dating. Divorced and seniors also would like to get a reliable person for relationships. As a result, they often wonder how much are mail order brides.

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Mail order brides are single women who would like to find a decent person for dating and marriage. They enlist their profiles on the marriage agencies, where men could select one of them. You can be surprised, but a lot of men and women use matrimonial services as a way to meet the right person. The main benefit is the possibility to check the background information on the person before communicating and building up relationships.

Speaking about prices of mail order brides, it is necessary to mention that it includes costs on various services that clients will have to spend to be married and live together with a person. By checking mail order bride price in some African and Asian countries, you may find actual prices for a bride. However, you need to understand that it is illegal to sell humans. Therefore it is better to avoid such services and use only legal international matching agencies.

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Is It Actually Possible To Buy Mail Order Brides?

In the modern world, people have their goals. In relationships, women also dream about finding not only a decent man but also a rich one. At various how much are mail order wives articles you can find average prices on getting a bride. Sometimes, women indicate that they would not mind meeting just a wealthy person, and the rest does not matter. Such services can exist and legally operate when mail order brides would like to meet just someone to not be alone.

Still, while thinking about buying a bride, you should just pay for the service to meet women, date them, and develop relationships. In such a way, you will not force a person to marry, and you will have higher chances to be happy as a family.

Matrimonial Services VS Dating Website

Among popular services to meet wonderful women are dating websites and matrimonial agencies. All of them aim to connect two people for love relationships. Quite often, they are not free of charge. Which one to choose you should decide upon their strong and weak sides.

Dating Websites

It is the most popular way to search for a bride online. The online dating industry exists for many years. There are so many platforms that you can meet women almost from any country in the world. To use it to enjoy its features, you need to register and spend some money on a subscription plan. At dating websites, you search and communicate with mail-order brides just by yourself. It means that whether it will be successful depends on you. Therefore, it is not that effective as matrimonial services.

Mobile Apps

Similar to dating websites, mobile apps have become very popular. Most people have smartphones, which makes it easier to find a bride. They are convenient and simple to use. The main benefit is the search tool according to the distance between people. Among weak sides, there are always more male members, and they may require payments.

Matrimonial Services

Marriage agencies exist everywhere. Their main task to connect two people form strong bonds. At such places, you also register and create a profile, but the searching process is performed by the service. Moreover, brides at such places are more interested in talking and developing relationships with others. Therefore, you will not have to spend a lot of time finding someone.

Mail Order Brides Pricing

The whole process of getting a bride from legal international marriage and dating services requires time and money. Even if you a very rich person, you still will need time to develop some relationships with a person.

The amount of time and money greatly depends on the origin of the person. In case you are interested in international relationships and marriage, it is more complicated, and you will need to communicate and spend some time together. Developing relationships with a compatriot is much easier and does not require a lot of money. Here are key points of mail order bride pricing where you will spend most of your funds.

Dating & Matrimonial Services

Everything begins with finding a wonderful bride that matches your personal preferences. In order to accomplish this task, there are plenty of available services. Most dating websites and marriage agencies are not for free. To use their tools to find a nice person, you will have to pay.

Quite often, on dating platforms, you need to upgrade membership in order to communicate with other members. It can be done either with a subscription plan or with credits. The first option provides you access to all website features for a specific duration. The second option allows you to spend money on those website features that you are actually using, and while you do not use a website, you do not spend credits. However, online dating is not a fast and easy task. You can spend a lot of time finding a wonderful bride to marry. Therefore, subscription plans are better. Moreover, they often have nice discounts when you get longer plans. The main disadvantage of dating websites is that it totally depends on you, whether you will be able to find a bride or not.

While using matrimonial services, it is different. Clients can get to know how much is a mail order wife and about additional expenses in advance. With a price list of all services and features, it is easier to get average cost of mail order bride. Marriage agencies are very beneficial as you do not have to spend time searching for women by yourself. You just create a profile and indicate information about yourself and expectations with preferences of wanted brides. Then, service representatives find and offer you possible women as wife candidates. It greatly saves your time and efforts, but the prices of marriage agencies are higher.


The process of building up relationships is not always easy. It requires a lot of communication. To show interest and serious intentions, gifts are the most popular option. It allows you to make a bride smile and develop feelings towards you. In case you live in the same country, it does not difficult to find a gift and send it to brides. While international delivery is not very cheap. Sometimes, it is cheaper to buy something in a foreign country where women live and use local delivery. It is necessary to mention that you should not send money and very expensive gifts to brides that you do not know well. There are a lot of frauds on the internet. Thus, you should be very careful.

Offline Dates

After some progress in relationships with women from dating websites and matrimonial services, offline dates are important. Meeting beautiful brides in person helps to develop feelings towards each other. If you live in the same city or country, traveling is not so expensive. In case your favorite bride lives abroad, you will spend much more. Plane tickets are quite expensive, and the price depends on the distance.

Another part of the online dates is hotels. Most men prefer to spend more than one day with wonderful brides. Thus, for a whole vacation abroad or in your home country, you also need to spend money. Cafes, restaurants, concerts, theaters, movies, etc. At offline dates, you need to develop feelings, which is much easier at various public and social events.


In international relationships, you would like to have a bride next to you. While considering mail order bride cost you relocation of your future wife is important. After marriage, a young family should live together. The full relocation of another person is complicated. Various documents are needed for an appropriate visa. Besides that, the girl will bring all personal staff. Plain tickets also are not very cheap. As a young married couple, you also need a place to live. As a result, such preparation requires a lot of funds.

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Popular Foreign Destinations While Buying A Bride

To find the answer to how much is a mail order bride you also should consider part of the world from which you would like to meet a nice person. Each destination is different when it comes to the average prices that people spend on living. Depending on your preferences, you are able to select the country and meet a girl who matches your tastes.

Eastern Europe

A lot of girls from Eastern Europe dream about meeting a wonderful foreigner. Slavic countries are popular among men due to the beauty of local women. The prices are not very high. Most currencies are lower than in the USA, and you can feel quite fine, enjoying the local culture. Speaking about Russian mail order brides cost it is not very much. It is a popular destination among tourists, and there are plenty of airplanes, which makes ticket prices low. Hotels of nice quality also do not require a lot of money. Several average salaries can cover Russian mail order wife price.

Among other countries, you also should consider Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Bulgaria, and Slovakia. Brides from these countries are very friendly and easy-going. Many of them know some foreign languages at a conversational level, and they like talking to foreigners.


If you prefer something special, then an Asian girl is a wonderful option. Most of these countries are quite far away, which also influences the price you will pay. More developed destinations have higher costs, while visiting places like Vietnam does not require a lot of funds. The quality of mail order brides also differs greatly. The benefit of matrimonial services is that you actually can find someone according to personal tastes. Thus, you will find plenty of wonderful women in China, Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Latin Countries

In case you need a hot wife, then you should pay attention to Latin countries. There are so plenty of them, and everywhere women are very beautiful. Spanish and English languages are popular, which allows you to do not to worry much about language barriers. Americans can visit these places more often as these countries are not so far away. For Europeans and Asians, it is less convenient. Speaking about everyday expenses, prices differ. In large cities, you may need to spend more. However, it is easy to find nice destinations, hotels, and women without spending too much.

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