Where and How to Meet Colombian Women

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single girl from Colombia is worth your attention. In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons for such popularity as well as give a few useful tips on what is the best place to meet Colombian women, how to approach them, and how to make them fall for you.

Colombian Dating Traditions And Tips

A “Good Girl’ Is Never Easy

Women from Colombia don’t mind premarital intimacy. However, this is one of the greatest contradictions in local dating traditions. In Colombia, it’s expected that a woman doesn’t sleep with a man she likes for a minimum of 2-3 months.

Do Not Date Mafiosos, Narcos, Carteleros, Etc

This is, by far, the greatest mistake that could be made. If you’re seeing a person who is directly involved in one of these organizations, try to put some distance between you two.

Do Not Date Other Colombian Or Foreign Women

First, you wonder how to meet Colombian women and gain that exotic experience of dating a local lady, and then you decide to date a few ladies. Don’t expect it to work this way.

latin Colombian girls

They Are Okay With The Public Manifestation Of Feelings

When dating a bride from Colombia, public kissing, hugging, and canoodling are required.

Girls are not likely to approach you. Traditional gender roles in Colombia are more distinct than in the USA. If you like a girl, it’s you to make the first moves towards.

Reasons So Many Foreign Men Want To Meet Colombian Women

They Are The Embodiment Of Natural Beauty

It’s hard to deny the fact that they are among the hottest and most beautiful in the world. They are extremely sexy and gorgeous. No man who wants to meet single Colombian women would resist the magnetic charm that these women radiate. Their bodies are usually of hourglass or pear shape that men consider the sexiest. Keep reading to learn how to meet beautiful Colombian women.

They have tanned caramel skin, long dark silky hair, and hazel to dark brown eyes adorned with thick long eyelashes.

Due to the hot climate, they are not used to wearing lots of clothes and hiding their bodies behind them. Nevertheless, their good taste in clothes will help a Colombian woman look her best on every occasion leaving other women to stand in the shadow.

They Are Feminine

Just like men from other “macho” cultures, Colombian males are used to being the leaders in relationships. This allows them to remain highly feminine. They are willing to obey a strong and masculine partner and give him all the love and care. Colombian brides are okay with following the traditional gender roles when a man is an earner, and a female is responsible for providing comfort at the house and raising children. This, however, doesn’t mean that you can treat a Colombian partner like a servant or behave disrespectfully. These women are devoted as long as you appreciate this devotedness.

Loving And Romantic

Colombian women love romantic gestures. They will appreciate the flowers, a bar of chocolate or a nice perfume. To win her heart, you need to be a gentleman and treat her like a princess. Pampering her with small compliments while looking her in the eyes are the most important factors. Keep in mind that these ladies are very loyal. If they fall in love, they fall in love for a long time. The Colombian bride will try to save any, even destructive, for her relationship, just to avoid divorce. Treat her well because if she leaves, she will leave forever.

Colombian Ladies Are Of A Jealous Nature

Some men find it ego- pleasing and others can’t stand this feature. Anyway, you need to know that Colombian women are very jealous. They possess a strong sense of ownership and will be more likely to ask you to send photos anytime you’re away with friends. Why? Just to make sure you’re not around other girls, not flirting with them, and not even looking at them. Deal with it or patiently let her know that you won’t accept such kind of behavior.

They Get The Most Of Life

Optimism and a positive mindset are features so peculiar to pretty Colombian ladies. They love celebrations and parties and can’t stand boredom and routine. These women know to diversify their tiring routine. Columbian women love to dance, so take her to the salsa club. This is a great way to connect more closely with her. Don’t worry if you can’t dance. They don’t expect you to be a professional dancer, just smile a lot and show a fun-loving personality.

Colombian Women Take Excellent Care Of Themselves

These ladies care about how they look. Don’t think that only Eastern European beauties take the privilege of fancy beauty procedures. Colombian brides know lots of ways to enhance their natural beauty. Dances, plenty of physical activity, and well-balanced nutrition combined with nature are the reasons for their appetite and tightened complexions,

Best Dating Sites To Meet Beautiful Colombian Women


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main page LatinFeels.com

LatinFeels is a Latin-focused dating service for all Latina women and their foreign admirers. It’s one of the best places to meet Colombian women online. The website has proven that cross-cultural dating is possible and performs as a popular gamer in the online dating sphere. LatinFeels is a site that uses tokens that users need to purchase in order to communicate with each other. The website doesn’t have a mobile application, but it’s not an obstacle on your path of interaction with sexy Colombians. LatinFeels has a very convenient mobile version of the site, so you stay in touch with pretty women 24/7. Among other privileges of signing up on Latin Feels, there are excellent customer support and a reliable SSL encryption system to secure your data.


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Latin Woman Love is a dating service that will connect Western grooms with like-minded beautiful Colombian brides. Why choose LatinWomanLove to meet Colombian singles? First and most important, the site is not a scam. It contains lots of pf profiles of girls who actually reply and don’t mind communication. Second, the website’s layout is easy to navigate, which guarantees you an unproblematic user experience. Third, this is a young matrimonial service that is overcoming the growth of popularity. Thus, the site’s developers are adding more and more state-of-art communication and safety features.

Tips To Meet Colombian Women

Make Your First Message Presentable

When meeting Colombian women online, your opening message doesn’t need to sound spam. A simple tweak like including her name will increase your chances for a reply. Add to this a presentable profile that creates an impression of you being a sane, decent man, and your chances to get a response will reach almost 100%. Also, try to scan her profile before messaging to find out what she likes and come up with an interesting question.

Mind Your Look And Hygiene

The best way to demonstrate your serious intentions about a sweetheart from Colombia is to have a good look, smell, and be neatly dressed when going out with her. You see, Bogota is visited by men mainly for sex tourism. So your task is to let her know that she means much more to you than a girl for a one-night stand. All in all, do you actually need explanations for being well-groomed and not wearing flip flops on a date?

Be Serious About Your Intentions

Again, many men only visit Colombia to have sex with local women. To prove to your girlfriend from Colombia that you’re interested in relationships with her, show a deep interest in the culture, history, and traditions of Colombia. Learn some phrases in Spanish, and don’t run away when she invites you to meet her family. They say dating a Colombian means dating her relatives, so why not establish warm relationships with them at the start.

Never Discuss Money

This includes your salary, hinting that she needs new clothes for the date, or a friend of a friend of a friend of hers needs serious medical treatment. If a lady is not interested in your money, she would never try to find out how much you earn. If she needs money for a taxi, call her Uber. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of Colombians are still extremely poor, so local women may only see the source of money instead of your personality.

She’s Not Your Property

Women from Colombia are family-centered, and they happily take care of all house chores. Like any person, she needs time to unwind and have an evening out with friends. No matter how hard it would be for you to let such beauty partying alone, don’t worry as they are extremely loyal. Don’t try to control your girlfriend and show that you trust her.

Summing Up

Colombian women possess the allure that no man can resist. They are beautiful, loving, and very feminine. These features make lots of men wonder where to meet Colombian women. This can be done on a love trip, on the streets of your city, and registering on thematic matrimonial services. By following our tips, you are very likely to meet a Colombian woman for love and marriage.