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Online dating, like many other services of the IT industry, has long entered our lives. You can hear a lot of stories about how acquaintance via the Internet helped to find a soul mate and create a strong family in the future, but there is another trend. According to statistics, in 2015, the percentage of divorces amounted to more than 58%, while the marriage lasted no more than a year. What is the matter? An important role in this is played by the compatibility of partners. The site “Half” was created in order to solve this problem and is intended for dating only for serious relationships.

“Half” will help you find a person for whom relations will develop most favorably. A unique system for checking compatibility shows a percentage assessment for each person with you, tells about possible difficulties and how to overcome them.

In addition, the site tried to collect the strengths of similar sites, ranging from a friendly interface, performance and ending with useful functionality.

At the moment, the system is able to check:

  • compatibility by date of birth and name
  • birth compatibility
  • biorhythm compatibility
  • birth date compatibility numerology
  • Application for Vkontakte

This is another method to test our development in action with people you already know. And also it’s no secret that social networks are often used for dating. With our application you will be given a new function, like compatibility testing.

Once again, the main differences of the site:
“Half” is a unique dating service: fast, convenient, functional.
We have developed a unique system for checking the compatibility of two people.
We believe that finding your love is the highest happiness and the site is intended only for dating for a serious relationship.
More about what our site offers:
Check compatibility
Here you can find out compatibility with absolutely anyone who is not necessarily registered on the site. You just need to know the date of birth. Find out what the date of birth says about the compatibility of two people.

Know yourself
Want to know what stars and numbers say about you? Calculate the number of fate and the mystery of the name. Find out about the number of your birth and get acquainted with a selection of video materials. It is interesting!

Search for a soulmate
This is the main section of the site where you can find new friends. Enter the desired age, browse profiles and meet people you like. For each person, the site makes a compatibility prediction, which can be used to judge the harmonious relationship.

Sometimes it’s hard to take the first step because you don’t know how this or that person relates to you. A specially designed “sympathy” service will help you take the first step. Send sympathy and find out who likes you. Mutual sympathy is a great occasion to get acquainted!

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