Ukrainian Mail Order Brides Cost

Speaking ahead, buying a Ukrainian mail order bride will cost you from 3000 to 10.000 USD. For a Western fellow, this sum is quite affordable. So keep reading to learn where and how to buy a Ukrainian bride.

Meet Ukrainian Wives For Sale

Gentle, emotional, caring, and extremely beautiful – these are the most common characteristics of Ukrainian wives. Men from around the world who’re lucky to meet Ukrainian women can’t stop dreaming of marrying them one day. 

Ukraine is one of the most popular mail-order brides’ destinations. And thankfully, there are plenty of local women looking for American men. So before you know the Ukrainian mail order bride cost, let me bring you closer to the local dating culture.

What Do Pretty Ukrainian Girlfriends Seek In A Man

This question is of paramount importance. You need to know what qualities these gorgeous brides want to see in their future husbands.


Beautiful Ukrainian wives are fiercely devoted to men they love. Once these women call you their boyfriend, it means you’re already a part of their family. These charming women seek a loyal fiance on whom they can rely. 

Sense of Humor

A man with a good sense of humor is very sexy. The one who can tell a good joke, cheer up, and with whom she can laugh to tears is highly appreciated.

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Masculinity and Willingness to Handle Troubles

What is a “masculine” man in the eyes of a Ukrainian bride? It’s a decisive man not afraid of troubles and who can stand still when there are cracks in paradise. These women also see the willingness to provide for the family as a man’s duty. However, the new generations of brides tend to have equality. They build successful careers and prefer splitting the household duties.

Devotedness and Attention

A female from Ukraine is like a flower that blooms when it’s surrounded with care. These charming brides love to feel desired and attractive for their men. A few compliments, attention, and attitude as like she’s a beauty queen can work wonders.


The courtship that Westerners consider old-fashioned really matters to women in Ukraine. Romantic dates on a rooftop with a breathtaking view, common trips, flowers, and all the gentleman signs are what these tender brides expect.

Ukrainian Dating Culture

There are several unwritten but well-established dating rules that couples in Ukraine follow.

I will describe some of them to help you succeed in dating local cuties. These tips are efficient either if you find Ukrainian brides online or set off on a love trip to Ukraine.

A man takes the first step. According to local dating etiquette, a man is the one who initiates the dating process. It’s uncommon for women to approach a guy. However, these women are good at flirting. Believe me, you’ll understand when a woman is open to relationships.

A man pays the bill. This is a sign of sympathy and good manners. A good way to show a woman you like her is to pay for her coffee. If you invite her for a date, your obligation to pay is not a negotiation.

You can expect a woman to cook breakfast if she stays overnight. Women in Ukraine are very housewifey. They have an innate desire to take care of their husbands and boyfriends. Expect to wake up from a mouthwatering smell of breakfast if you spend a night together.

Marriage is expected. If you date for a while, a Ukrainian woman starts seeing a husband in you. They would expect a proposal at a quite young age. So you’d better clarify your intentions before things start going so far.

ukrainian mail order bride cost

Best Cities Meet Ukrainian Bride With Prices


Capital of Ukraine and the country’s largest city, Kyiv hosts so many beautiful women that it’s impossible to resist. A flight to Boryspil national airport from New York will cost up to $1.000. There are some cheaper options like $500-$700 for a plane ticket. Meet your love in nightclubs, restaurants, galleries, and on the streets of the city. Don’t underestimate the power of a lucky chance.


A city located near the coast of the Black Sea, Odesa blooms in summer with the beginning of the tourist season. Even when the sea is cold, Odesa can offer plenty of lonely women looking for love with a foreign groom. Odesa has its airport, but most international flights are accepted in Kyiv in Lviv. Thus, you can add the train ticket cost (around $30) to the expenses list.


The cultural capital in Western Ukraine is not far from the Poland border. A city where you’ll admire the ancient architecture, attend authentic cafes, and taste Ukraine’s most delicious chocolate. And by the way, chocolate and coffee taste better in the company of a mail order Ukrainian wife. Here, you will find hotel suites at the city center for as low as $30 per night.


A fast-developing city and one of the most comfortable cities for life in Ukraine. Vinnytsia is calmer and more affordable than the 3 cities mentioned above. You can have dinner for two at a good restaurant for $25. Vinnytsia is a paradise for lonely travelers who want to experience life in a small and progressive city.

Ukrainian Mail Order Bride Cost

You may be thinking that the best way to buy a Ukrainian bride is to sign up on a free Ukrainian bride website. It’s partly so. So how to get a Ukrainian mail order bride, and how much would it cost?

Best Ukrainian Bride Service

The matrimonial agency is the main factor that shapes the Ukraine mail order bride cost. There are a variety of Ukrainian marriage services for any budget. You can easily pick one that costs $20 or $40 per month. I suggest purchasing a 6-month subscription as some sites offer huge discounts for devoted users. 


Not only does it include messaging and translation services. These are often included in a subscription plan you purchase to upgrade to a premium. Beautiful Ukrainian brides for marriage of older generations have poor English skills. This is due to the post-Soviet heritage. Thus, you will have additional spend on English lessons. The cost is around $50 per month.

Gifts And Flowers

Wooing a Ukrainian woman is easier with romantic gestures. Ukrainian wives online still expect you to find ways to be a gentleman. This is why many Ukrainian marriage websites have gift and flower delivery services. On top of the subscription plan costs, you’ll spend extra fees on bouquets and gifts. 

Travel Expenses

Even if you meet a Ukrainian beauty online, you will have to help her to get to your country. Visa expenses ($160-$260) and travel costs will lie on your shoulders. For most local women, gathering such a sum on travel is a daunting task. Besides, this is how you prove your serious intentions towards a bride.

Ukrainian Wedding Cost

A beautiful wedding is a dream of every Ukrainian woman. Since childhood, girls dream of a family, gorgeous gown, and a classy party. The cost of a Ukrainian wedding can be as low as 10 dollars and has no limit. The average price of a wedding in Ukraine is $5.000-$7.000, not including the honeymoon.

The price of the wedding dress can reach up to $2.000. The average cost of a dress is about $800 dollars. The restaurant expenses form the biggest share of a wedding budget. A celebration with 50 guests will cost $3 700.

More and more couples nowadays choose not to organize lavish celebrations. These women prefer to invite only the nearest and dearest or choose not to have a wedding party at all. The money saved they spent on an unforgettable wedding trip.

Wrapping Up

Now when you know how to order a Ukrainian bride and how much to pay to bathe in her embrace, you can give it a go! Meeting a mail order girlfriend from Ukraine is worth every dollar. These women become excellent life partners. I have described the cost of a Ukrainian wedding, meeting a woman in Ukraine, and ordering her on a dating site. It’s up to you to decide where to meet your bride. As you see, the total sum varies.