Get To Know Vietnamese Brides: Sweet and Charming

Last Updated on August 19, 2022

A huge number of single men prefer Vietnamese mail order brides because they are known for their beauty and wisdom. For many men, the image of a slim, graceful woman appears when they think of a Vietnamese mail order bride. But what other characteristics are typical of Vietnamese single ladies? How can a foreign man understand and win the heart of one of the incredible single Vietnamese girls for marriage? Check our guide and learn all you need to know.

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Vietnamese Brides: Appearance

The Vietnamese are known because of their natural beauty and attractive appearance:

  • Black hair.
  • Slim body.
  • Almond-shaped eyes.
  • A delicate figure.
  • Golden skin.
  • An enchanting smile.

Understandably, they easily conquer the hearts of Western men. Vietnam brides attach great importance to personal hygiene and often use numerous cosmetic products and perfumes. Therefore, most men immediately notice the good fragrance in addition to the undoubtedly feminine charisma.

❤️ Success Marriage Rate89%
🇻🇳 Popular Vietnamese cities with bridesHo Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang
⌛ Average age of Single Vietnamese women22 – 24 y.o
💕 Does Vietnam have hookup culture?Yes
💔 Divorce rate11%

Vietnam mail order brides radiate femininity and attractiveness. Therefore, the specific characteristics of Vietnamese women for marriage include natural beauty, diligence, loyalty, modesty, family sense, and grace. They are often good cooks and perfect housewives. Many foreign men appreciate all these characteristics because they often fail to find them among women residing in their countries. That’s why they would like to marry Vietnam girls for marriage. Let’s take a more detailed look at some benefits of these charming hotties.

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What Is the Character of Vietnamese Women?

Women from Vietnam can show empathy, which makes them very friendly and lenient. Most Vietnamese girls for sale are also very intelligent. They are also very reserved. Even if other people behave badly or incorrectly, they will not be tempted to have an emotional outbreak. For such a bride, the family is more important than a career. They can even give up a good job if this work has a negative impact on their family.

What Do Vietnamese Women Need From Their Partners?

In general, the desire to have a family and children is very pronounced. Therefore, beautiful Vietnamese brides are eager to have a reliable spouse who meets these expectations. An average Vietnamese bride is usually interested in finding a man who protects and takes care of her well.

He should offer her everything she needs to live and be happy. If there is love and harmony in the partnership, a Vietnamese wife turns a man’s life into a true paradise. She wants a self-confident, successful at work, emotionally stable, reliable, loyal, and mentally consolidated man. If the man shows his love and affection openly, she invests a lot in being attractive and desirable, which is definitely a plus.

Vietnamese Brides

Top Interesting Facts About Vietnamese Wives

Vietnamese women differ in many ways from women from other countries. Of course, the characters of ladies may differ, but there are still some characteristics that are considered typical for single Vietnamese women.

Family Is Important

A typical Vietnamese girl for marriage puts her family first. She has a strong sense of family and dreams about love and security. As we have mentioned before, these brides want to get married and start a family. They long to have children and raise them. The family environment often comes; first, it is greatly important. When a wealthy man marries a poorer Vietnamese woman, it is common to support her family.

Vietnam Girl for Marriage: Loyal

The pronounced desire for security and family explains why Vietnamese women are very loyal. Once they have found a man with whom they can spend their lives, this love can hardly be endangered. They do everything they can to keep the man in their lives and grow old with him.

Beautiful and Female

Due to their Snow White look, Vietnamese women are perceived by many people as beautiful. As we have mentioned, they have a petite, slender body, light skin, and dark, shiny hair. Men often consider Vietnamese ladies very attractive for marriage, as they are feminine, elegant, and natural.

They Take Care of Their Appearance

Many Vietnamese brides are very beautiful and attach great importance to their appearance. Because of this, cosmetics such as creams or perfume are particularly popular in Vietnam. Personal care is also given great attention. Sweat or dirty clothing is a sign of hard and hard work in Vietnam. The ever-growing and richer middle class want to distance itself from it.


Vietnamese brides are described as extremely hardworking women. In addition to work, they often take care of the household and reconcile jobs and family, but the family comes first. Most women try to do their best everywhere.

Cooking Is a Great Strength

Most Vietnamese women for sale can cook very well. Whether it is the Vietnamese national dish “Pho” (soup with rice noodles, vegetables, and meat), Banh Mi (baguette sandwich), or summer rolls (unfried spring rolls), Vietnamese women master even the most complicated dishes, which makes their husbands really happy.

Public Opinion Matters

Vietnamese brides in the USA attach great importance to public opinion and always make sure not to lose a good reputation. They react cautiously to conflicts that arise and make sure to solve problems with calm and serenity. In hardly any situation do Vietnamese women lose their smiles or are irritated. In the event of a dispute or possible communication difficulties, it is important to avoid escalation and face women patiently and understandingly. Disputes should be addressed calmly and clarified with respect.

They Are Reserved and Conservative

If a man wants to get to know a Vietnamese bride, he should be patient and give her time. They do not well receive intrusiveness and flirting. Serious interest should be carefully signaled. In addition to attention, patience, and compliments, small gifts can also help get the woman’s attention.

They Love Short Trips

Short trips are very popular with Vietnamese brides. They are interested in foreign countries but often miss their family, as it comes first. Because of this, short trips are ideal.

Vietnamese wedding ceremony

All brides love gifts. Even if it’s just a daily little compliment or a rose. If you give a bride small gifts, pay compliments, and show her that she and her family are important to you, then she will certainly appreciate it and help you win her heart.

mail order brides from Vietnam

Why Do They Become Vietnamese Mail Order Brides?

The living conditions in the country leave something to be desired. Therefore, many assume that the main reason why local women wish to marry foreigners is their desire to leave the country. But there is more than just the desire to be a perfect and obedient wife. These amazing brides are smart, and they are looking for ways to realize themselves. They want to make a career, get a good education and have good health care. Unfortunately, Vietnam cannot offer much to the female population.

Vietnamese brides in a wedding dress

What Makes an Average Vietnam Mail Order Bride So Special?

Western men want to buy a Vietnam wife because of their commitment and dedication to marriage. That’s why they utilize various online services to meet Vietnamese ladies.

Let’s summarize some great characteristics of Vietnamese brides that you can find attractive for marriage and dating:

  • Are Vietnamese brides beautiful? Take a look at the profiles of Vietnamese brides, and you will see that most of them are slim and stunning, like catwalk models.
  • Vietnamese mail order brides are hardworking women: almost every bride knows how difficult it can be to live in a country that is still trying to overcome the effects of war. This explains why Vietnamese brides for American men are really hardworking ladies, and they are never lazy or idle.
  • Docile but jealous ladies: local ladies are silent and submissive. Nevertheless, they can be jealous sometimes, so be careful and forget about other women so that you don’t have problems with your wife from Vietnam.
  • Not fans of politics: you can talk about various topics with your Vietnamese ladies for marriage, but avoid talking about politics. This is especially important if you go out with a bride from southern Vietnam.
  • Asian women are perfect mothers: if you want your wife to be an ideal mother, your Vietnamese girlfriend is an ideal candidate because she will be a perfect mother for your children. She is a friendly, caring, and loving person who will do her best to make her children happy.
Vietnamese Wives

Can I Buy A Vietnamese Wife? 

For many people, the term “Vietnamese mail order bride” isn’t really obvious or acceptable. The thought of purchasing a lady online, of course, goes against the romantic standard that many people adhere to. The market for mail-order brides, on the other hand, is a global sector that cannot be overlooked. To discover their special someone, guys from all over the world seek the services of different recruiting agencies. The bulk of brides in these agencies are from Vietnam, the Philippines, Russia, and some other Western women. For different reasons, Vietnamese mail order wives frequently turn to overseas organizations for the choosing of loved ones. 

Is it permissible? When you hear the phrase “mail order brides,” this is probably the first thing that springs to mind. Yes, because it is just companies’ customers connecting with and meeting possible lovers. So you just can meet Vietnamese women and start dating Vietnamese brides.

So, the big question is whether or not you can marry a Vietnamese woman. You certainly have the ability to do so. International weddings are permitted in almost every country on the planet. As a consequence, it is totally lawful if your fiancée has decided to marry you and no one has coerced her. However, before marrying a Vietnamese lady, you should familiarize yourself with your country’s laws and regulations.

Single Vietnamese women for marriage

Why Do Vietnamese Marry Foreigners?

As previously said, many Vietnamese women seek males from overseas for a variety of reasons. The reason behind this, according to some, is because single Vietnamese girls feel foreigners have a better attitude toward women than local males. The Vietnamese woman wishes to have a relationship with a self-assured and dependable spouse who would support her interests and assist her in achieving her objectives. Western men are recognized for having these characteristics, which is why local Vietnamese brides prefer them to native men.

Furthermore, if you are seeking a Vietnamese mail order wife, you will notice her genuine interest in American culture and willingness to learn more about it alongside you. Another reason they’re looking for a foreign husband is to be able to live in the nation they’ve heard so much about and fantasized about. 

The desire for a more comfortable living and the potential for self-realization is the third most popular motivation. Vietnamese brides are intelligent and well-informed; they recognize that the United States is the greatest place to hone their skills and ensure that their children have a brighter future. All Vietnamese women for marriage, however, have one thing in common: the desire to find love. Love is what drives us through life, regardless of the other reasons they didn’t have.

Love Success Stories From Users

Success Story #1 Image
Linh & Duyen's Lover Whirl logo

Linh and Duyen's story is a bit different from the others. Linh is from Vietnam and Duyen is from the United States. The two met while they were both studying abroad in Japan. They hit it off immediately and they began dating shortly after they met. However, their relationship was not without its challenges. The biggest challenge was the fact that they lived in different countries. But they were determined to make it work and they did. In 2022, Linh moved to the United States to be with Duyen. The couple is now very happy and they have plans to get married in the near future.

Success Story #2 Image
Tuan & Thu Orchid Romance logo

Tuan and Thu met in 2021 on a Vietnamese dating site. Tuan, who is from Vietnam, was captivated by Thu's photos and her sweet personality. The two began chatting and soon realized they had a lot in common. They decided to meet in person and their connection was immediate. Despite the fact that they lived in different countries, the two kept in touch and their relationship quickly grew. In 2022, Tuan made the big decision to move to Thu's country, Thailand. The couple now lives together and is very happy.

How Do You Impress a Beautiful Vietnamese Woman for Marriage?

The fact that most women want to leave the country may make you think that the hot Vietnamese girls are willing to bribe you only for a ticket abroad. But it’s wrong: these ladies are looking for love, just like you. These practical tips will show you the right way to win the heart of one of the local ladies:

  • Stay traditional. The modernized approach to dating is not widespread in Vietnam. So if you are a little old-fashioned, you will get further than you think. Romantic dates and flowers are a must and show a man from his romantic side, which is a plus.
  • Take it slow. It takes time for a Vietnamese woman to open. They are naturally shy and modest. Don’t push a bride if she’s not ready yet; otherwise, you will just scare her away.
  • Find the similarities. The more you have in common, the better. Nevertheless, you have to discuss many topics to find out what opinions you share (if any). Don’t try to focus on the differences, even if there are many.
  • Talk about the future. A Vietnamese woman wants to be sure that this relationship is worth something. Therefore, the best strategy is to gain their attention and trust when telling her your future plans.

Many men are convinced that Vietnamese brides are among the most beautiful women from all over the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that many of them are looking for these pretty ladies, who are considered natural, feminine, elegant, and attractive.

Mentality Differences and Communication Difficulties With Vietnamese Ladies

Of course, Vietnamese women differ greatly in their mentality from other women. In Vietnam, for example, it is common for a Vietnamese lady to expect her life partner to support her family after the marriage. This includes, above all, financial support.

Actually, intercultural relationships will not avoid misunderstandings, language, and communication difficulties here and there. Here it is important to keep calm and confidently find a compromise or a solution that would be suitable for both parties. Quarrels can be avoided by being particularly sensitive, understanding, and accommodating.

Using Dating Sites: Our Recommendations

Understandably, the easiest way to buy a wife from Vietnam is to utilize specialized sites or this or that Vietnam bride agency. Online dating will never go out of style. There are more and more sites and applications, so certain rules have been formed to achieve the desired result. We are here to help you, so check our recommendations.


If you want to find a mail order Vietnamese bride, the most important thing is to determine exactly who and what you are looking for. Understand what you are looking for: a short-term affair or a serious relationship to enjoy life together. Are you focused on finding a mom or dad for your child, or just want to chat without obligation? It is important to understand who you want to find clearly.

Real Profile

The next step is to create a profile in accordance with the main goal. If you want to find a serious relationship, you should show your readiness to enter into a relationship in the main photo. It is worth showing your hobbies and your way of living. In a word, try to show your values, show yourself as a person, but don’t focus on your body.

Share Your Values

When the visual component of the page is ready, it is worth writing about yourself in more detail. Hobbies, recreation, food, walking locations, favorite color, smell – whatever you want. Of course, you need to write the truth! The more accurately the values ​​are described, the faster a person will find the right partner. Don’t be afraid to write long, detailed text with your preferences, weaknesses, and interests.


When you start to communicate, ask more questions that interest you. Do not be shy! Again, topics can be completely different. Remember that you will also have to answer clearly and in detail because this is not an interview but a dialogue. Do not be discouraged if this or that woman does not respond to your messages. There are many people on such sites and, of course, many of them may not suit you. If you see right away that communication does not add up, or the interlocutor is not interested, do not be afraid to refuse.

Dating Vietnamese brides

Date only those with whom you feel contact, interest, and emotion. We do not recommend you communicate with many people at once.

And most importantly – do not be afraid that you will be left alone. There are lots of people! There is an incredible number of potential partners. The universe is abundant, and many people like you are in it. You will certainly meet the one who will meet all your expectations to create a happy family together.


How to Find a Vietnamese mail order wives?

If you want to find true love, the search process will not be quick: be ready for it. The great thing is that nowadays it is possible to communicate with people even without going out. So, if you want to find a Vietnamese wife, you should first go through the registration process on one of the reliable dating sites. After this, you have to provide all the information needed and proceed to look for a bride.

How to Attract an Asian Woman?

All ladies are different, but the majority of them are also pretty similar when it comes to dating. Brides like flowers, gifts, romantic evenings, casual strolls, compliments, and so on. If you behave like a true gentleman, if you are attentive and treat the bride with respect, your chances for success are pretty high.

Can I Marry Such a Vietnamese mail order bride?

Although many women have no desire to get married and have children nowadays, this does not apply to charming brides from Vietnam. These ladies are convinced that family is the biggest treasure, so once they meet the right person, they are ready to get married. So, the answer is positive: you can marry one of the local hotties. The only thing you have to do is to win the heart of a lady you have chosen.

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